You are an instructional designer, subject-matter expert, graphic designer, animator, voice narrator, video specialist, and developer. You can, and will, do it all. You’re in a one-man band because today’s eLearning toolkit removes the need for programmers in eLearning development. Today, we can all dive into the development process, from concept to completion, but how do you know if you are doing it well?

Articulate Storyline is one software package that makes it very easy for anyone to develop interactive eLearning courses. Creating interactive eLearning isn’t really the objective, but more often than not we get caught up in doing just that; the result is eLearning that is less effective than it might be. This session is for Storyline users who are doing it all and want to do it a little better. You’ll explore features of Storyline that work well and save you time, but also learn where temptation lies: the features and approaches that can turn into costly distractions and lead to complicated eLearning instead of complex courses that support learning objectives.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to streamline your time with Storyline
  • How to leverage Storyline features that provide the greatest return for your time
  • How to simplify your work by augmenting Storyline with other software from your toolkit
  • About Storyline features that are cool but that you should use sparingly