The history of eLearning software began in the late 1960s, but came into its own with the advent of personal computers and the Internet. Several tools reigned supreme for a time, only to die and be replaced. Other tools barely made a peep before disappearing. We have difficult decisions to make regarding what software tools to use. Installed application or cloud-based? Flash or HTML5? Powerful or easy to use? So many questions arise that they can make a hardened admiral cry. How can you possibly choose among all the claims by all the vendors who claim that theirs is gosh-darn-it the easiest tool ever and also the golly-gee most powerful beast ever? How can you know if you’re making the right investment in time and money on the software that will serve you best?

During this session, longtime tools expert Joe Ganci will focus on the key questions and answers for making the best software decisions possible. There is no one tool that is best for everyone; each has its strengths and weaknesses. This session will be a practical guide to ensure you get the best software for your needs. (You can also read Joe’s reviews on eLearning software in Learning Solutions Magazine, and subscribe to Joe’s weekly tools newsletters.)

In this session, you will learn:

  • The correct questions to ask when reviewing eLearning tools to use
  • How to choose the right tool or combination of tools for your needs
  • How to distinguish between various claims about tools and see the reality behind them
  • How to stay calm in the face of a confusing barrage of tool vendors!