There is a mad rush to get back to something approaching
normal at the moment. On the one hand, the chance to move away from the
isolation, confusion, and loneliness of the pandemic is good, but on the other,
building back as fast as possible is not building back better.

We have a unique opportunity to consider carefully the next
stages in building an L&D operation that is fit for purpose. To do this,
you have to answer three key questions:

  • Do we really understand
    what the business wants?

  • What should we do
    differently in the light of all that we have learned?

  • How will we make these

In this session, we will work on a number of challenges that
organizations have faced in the last 18 months via short case studies and come
out with a model of development and change that you can use in your company the
very next day. This session is about refreshing your leadership, revitalizing
your team, and offering something that meets today’s and tomorrow’s needs,
rather than yesterday’s.

Session Video