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Learning Leaders Global Online Forum 2021 - July 21, 2021

Marjan BradeŇ°ko

Director, Conscia Center of Excellence

Often, learning leaders lack sufficient instructional design and content production staff. At the same time, many subject matter experts (SMEs) struggle to express their knowledge and skills in a suitable learning format. What if learning leaders could motivate and enable SMEs to become content creators?

This session explores the tools and processes that could smooth the path from expert knowledge to valuable learning content through the story of a successful transformation of SMEs into learning content creators. The session explores key factors, including fundamentals of instructional design, building support into the tools the SMEs will use, and best practices and guidelines, along with examples. This session will demonstrate that, despite having an understaffed L&D team, it is still possible to create high-quality learning content by enlisting your content experts in creating the “first draft” of training materials.

Session Video

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