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October 18, 2021

What is adaptive learning, and how is it used?

In the summer of 2021, The Learning Guild’s Research Team reached out to L&D practitioners to find out more about adaptive learning’s position in the corporate training industry. What do L&D professionals know about adaptive learning, and what questions do they have? To what extent are adaptive learning technologies being used today? Are there any challenges in implementing it?

In Adaptive and Personalized Learning Experiences, Chad Udell and Jennifer Murphy assess the survey results to shed light on how this emerging trend is impacting the learning field. Whether you’re currently using adaptive learning, thinking about it, or not even sure if it’s right for you, this report can answer some of your questions.

Download the Executive Summary

What is adaptive learning anyway? Download this brief summary to find out and learn a little more about what the full report contains.


Research Report

In the summer of 2021, The Learning Guild surveyed L&D practitioners to better understand how adaptive and personalized learning is making an impact on the corporate learning industry. In this research report, Chad Udell and Jennifer Murphy use the results to show us what the current state of adaptive learning looks like.

Research Report

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