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May 12, 2021

This past year has transformed the way people work and learn. The Learning Guild has kept tabs on how the L&D community responded to circumstances caused by the global pandemic. We’ve struggled, learned, and adapted. So now what? 

In L&D: The Future Is Bright, Jane Bozarth dives back into past Learning Guild resources to identify key lessons learned and highlights which information could help us prepare for the future. Although the past year was by no means easy, many were able to use the evolving and often urgent conditions to move forward with their desired changes.

Download the Executive Summary

Over the past year, The Learning Guild has taken repeated looks at how the pandemic was impacting L&D. Download this brief summary to learn more.


Download the Research Report

In this research report, Jane Bozarth provides new insight on how the L&D landscape has evolved within the past year. This report takes past research from The Learning Guild and offers ideas for leveraging lessons from the pandemic in encouraging future technology implementation and new ways of working.

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