The learning/eLearning work world has changed dramatically for both managers and practitioners in the last five years. In this report from Guild Research, Patti Shank examines the changing nature of the work, work environment, and job satisfaction, and reveals numerous surprising trends, based on the responses of almost 700 experienced managers and practitioners in the learning/eLearning field who took the survey in June/July, 2012.

What’s Changing in Your (Work) World points out notable increases in work variety, unrealistic deadlines, and numerous work frustrations. One of the most interesting results is that managers are more satisfied with their jobs than non-managers, and the report points to a number of logical reasons for this result.

On the other hand, there were many bright spots as well. For example, high percentages of respondents were happier with their jobs, and managers felt that the level of respect for learning and eLearning practitioners has grown in the past five years.

If you want to get a picture of how the world of learning/eLearning work has changed over the last five years, the report What’s Changing in Your (Work) World provides many fascinating insights of interest to anyone in the field.