Today’s learning experience designers often feel like order takers, as they are asked by SMEs and others to do things like "just make my deck look great." We know we can do better. This session will help you define strategies and skills needed to guide your stakeholders through a results-focused, solution-neutral process that translates business objectives into human performance. Shift the focus for your organization to maximize investments in learning solutions that are meaningful for learners, feasible from a technical perspective, and viable for your business goals.

This session will identify and walk through practical, 21st century learning and development skills that will bolster your capabilities as a performance improvement consultant. Our session will start by describing 2020 workforce trends shaping our processes. Then, using specific examples from in-depth case studies, we will dive into how to use performance consulting skills and tools to assess performance gaps and needs, synthesize insights, and, ultimately, ideate and architect human-centered solutions aimed at real-world problems.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Project intake and scoping strategies for results focused success
  • How to gather data using empathy tools such as day-in-the-life/journey maps
  • Analyze data and synthesize insights -gap and root cause analysis/learner personas
  • To ideate and scope solutions


Session Video