Over the past 10 years, Jane Bozarth has periodically released “Nuts & Bolts” columns to share emerging trends, essential strategies, and practical how-tos for those who were either new to instructional design (ID) or those who simply wanted to refresh their skillsets. Over the past year, changes within the industry have generated renewed interest in topics like virtual classrooms and online training.

If you’re looking for tips for boosting your ID skillset, Jane’s got you covered.

In her new eBook, The Nuts & Bolts of Instructional Design: A Beginner’s Toolkit, Jane has compiled all the relevant “Nuts & Bolts” columns from over the past decade, organized them according to the ADDIE project planning model, and even updated and edited a few pieces to fit the needs of the modern instructional designer. Filled with rich content, this is the perfect resource to have handy when considering how to:

  • Analyze the needs of your learners
  • Collaborate with subject matter experts
  • Transition your training from in-person to online without hindering content
  • Generate engagement and excitement in your virtual classroom
  • Measure the success of your designs

Download your free copy and keep it close by when planning your next ID project so you can either pick up new skills or refresh your knowledge along the way!

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