Which is more effective: focusing on similarities or differences? Does making diversity training mandatory help convey seriousness and organizational commitment to improvement? What are some training strategies that can help support diversity training efforts and get workplace results?

Jane Bozarth provides answers to these questions in this month’s research report, What Works, and What Doesn’t, in Diversity Training. She outlines the most important key points from recent literature on diversity training programs. She examines the common problems that L&D practitioners often face when delivering their diversity initiatives and offers solutions to these challenges to help you plan a successful diversity training program in your organization.

In this report, you will learn:

  • How organizations define the term “diversity” and why organizations are adopting diversity initiatives
  • What social identity theory means for the individuals in your program
  • What formats are most common for today’s diversity training programs
  • Additional resources to help you continue your research

Download the full research report today and learn how you can introduce successful diversity training to your organization!

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