I read through a number of articles and blog posts each day as part of my ongoing professional development. Each week, I curate a few of my favorites, including a brief introduction explaining why I find the post valuable and recommend you read it.

Here’s a summary of this week’s content:

  • Contextualizing learning enhances skill retention.
  • Generative AI transforms employee learning methods.
  • Meta Ray-Ban Smart Glasses revolutionize training.
  • Curiosity as a key to lifelong learning.
  • Celebrating Ray Jimenez's impact on L&D.

Can't Personalize? Contextualize—and Boost Learning Transfer!
This article by Marjan Bradesko explores the importance of contextualizing learning to the work environment, examining how integrating real-world job context into learning solutions enhances knowledge retention and skill application, moving beyond traditional personalization methods.

How GenAI Could Accelerate Employee Learning and Development
This article by Chrysanthos Dellarocas explores how generative AI is revolutionizing learning and development through personalized learning pathways, continuous content evolution, immersive simulation scenarios, dynamic skill gap identification, and interactive feedback mechanisms, while also addressing the challenges of data privacy, output accuracy, and potential biases.

Smart glasses are becoming useful in a way I didn't expect
The article by Nicholas Sutrich highlights the evolution and increasing acceptance of smart glasses technology, exemplified by the Meta Ray-Ban Smart Glasses, suggesting a potential future where such devices could significantly enhance real-world training and experiential learning scenarios.

Make Curiosity Your Superpower: The Art and Science of Lifelong Learning (and Fulfillment)
This short article by Jeff Haden explores the significant role of curiosity in enhancing decision-making, learning, and cognitive function. It also highlights the value of humility and adaptability in personal and professional growth.

Saying Goodbye and Thank You to Ray Jimenez
This is an article I wrote to commemorate the legacy of Ray Jimenez, highlighting his profound influence on the learning and development industry and his unique ability to inspire and connect with L&D professionals. It also includes numerous links to Ray's work, which I encourage people to explore both for their own development and as a tribute to Ray's contributions to our field.

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