Accessibility, and our approach to it, has made a considerable shift over the years. Now, accessibility is considered a standard in order to meet the idea of universal design for all learners.

While you are most likely aware of the importance of accessibility, there are some less familiar concerns, interests, mistakes, and misconceptions that will be beneficial for you to know. The latest eLearning Guild research report by Jane Bozarth, Creating Accessible eLearning: Practitioner Perspectives, dives into four interviews with practitioners regarding their experiences with accessibility, and what misconceptions and mistakes to avoid.

Here’s an overview of what this report covers:

  • In-depth interviews with expert L&D practitioners Brian Dusablon, Nick Floro, Sonya Woods, and Jean Marrapodi
  • Key themes about what you can do to better understand your audience and accessibility
  • Resources and links for accessibility standards and guidelines, tools for designers, relevant articles, and more

Access the executive summary to get insights from the report, or download the full report with an eLearning Guild Pro Membership Package to learn from these practitioners’ experiences with accessibility.