DevLearn 2023 Conference & Expo has come to an end, and you might be asking yourself, “now what?” To help you make the most of your conference experience, we’ve put together a quick guide with valuable tips on how to integrate what your newfound knowledge into your workplace when you return from Las Vegas.

Reflect on your learning

Take some time to reflect on the key takeaways from the sessions you attended. What resonated with you the most? What new techniques or tools did you discover? Understanding these points will guide your efforts to implement these learnings in your work.

Set goals

Identify specific goals you want to achieve based on what you’ve learned. Make these goals specific, measurable, achievable, and relevant to the work you do. Having clear objectives will give you a roadmap to follow when implementing new strategies or technologies you acquired at DevLearn!

Use your resources

Don’t forget to tap into the treasure chest of conference resources and recorded sessions! Consider allotting time in your schedule to catch up on recordings from sessions you didn’t attend live or download event slide decks to review key highlights. Maintaining a consistent learning rhythm will help ensure you make the most of these resources.

Share your knowledge

Don’t keep what you learned to yourself! Organize a meeting or workshop in your workplace to share the insights you gained, and brainstorm ideas on how these learnings can be applied collectively. By teaching others, you reinforce your own understanding and contribute to a culture of learning within your organization. Plus, sharing your DevLearn experience not only justifies the time and cost of going to the conference, it might also inspire other teammates to join you in 2024!

Stay connected

Maintain connections with the speakers, exhibitors, and fellow attendees you met at the conference. Engage with them on social media platforms and professional networks. These connections can be invaluable sources of advice and inspiration as you apply your learnings.

DevLearn 2023 Conference & Expo wasn’t just an event—it was a catalyst for your professional development. By following these tips and integrating your learnings, you can make a significant impact on your workplace and advance your career!