DevLearn 2017 Conference & Expo showcases the best new technologies, methods, and ideas that move the learning and development industry into the future.

Partnering with an organization that is dedicated to innovation and providing learners the most complete online learning experience has proven to be a distinguishing factor when evaluating the success of a training program.

As an organization that continuously displays innovation by adapting to the needs of its HR and trainer client base, BizLibrary has recently released several game-changing features to all levels of its learning platform. The features will be introduced to DevLearn 2017 attendees during the expo at BizLibrary’s Booth 215.

Curriculum Builder

The first, Curriculum Builder, is a tremendous advance in the administrative functionality of previewing and managing content within the platform. Administrators have different needs than learners, and Curriculum Builder delivers a time-conscious solution for browsing through thousands of video lessons and quickly assigning content.

Advanced playlists

Second, BizLibrary has introduced advanced playlists, allowing learners and administrators to create multiple playlists, organize content for a variety of training purposes, quickly and easily save searches as a playlist, and share playlists with teammates for additional collaboration and social learning.

Curated learning paths

Next, BizLibrary has developed more than 30 curated learning paths organized by job role and function. Each curated learning path contains three to five hours of training content, is assignable, and allows learners quick access to relevant training material.


Lastly, BizLibrary has introduced gamification within its LMS. Delivering a modern learning experience that incorporates gaming features like points, badges, and leaderboards will increase learners’ motivation and engagement. According to a recent study, learners who were able to participate in learning games were 51 percent more motivated than learners without gamification. This feature will be fully released in October 2017.

“We are very excited to offer these new features to our clients. We believe these features will be an asset to our clients’ training programs, and we expect to see great results when they’re put to use,” said CEO Dean Pichee. “There has never been a better time to partner with BizLibrary for your online training program.”

About BizLibrary

BizLibrary is dedicated to HR and learning professionals, focused on providing the best and most complete online training solutions. Its training content engages employees of all levels, and its learning technology is a dependable and progressive catalyst for achievement. Armed with BizLibrary’s expert Client Success and Technical Support teams, clients are empowered to solve business challenges and impact change within their organizations. To learn more, visit