Today at The eLearning Guild’s annual DevLearn conference, LearnerVerified is launching its new line of learner identification and monitoring services. Responding to a large and growing hole in the online training industry, LearnerVerified leverages video, web, and biometric technology to help training providers and managers ensure that the learners who sign up for a course and earn credentials online are who they say they are.

Services include:                         

  • Automatic learner identity verification
  • Live agent identity verification
  • Authenticated attendance verification
  • Remote exam proctoring

Once training is done, a secure mobile Credential Manager app invites learners to track their training history and share verified credentials with training managers or regulatory agents.

The LearnerVerified development team, led by chief technology officer Don Riep, brings together decades of eLearning industry experience. Every member is obsessed with using science and technology to make online learning safer and more defensible. “The result,” Riep says, “is a seamless experience for the training manager and the learner. LearnerVerified services can be used with any SCORM-compliant learning management system (LMS), or with standalone courses. Once launched, learners never need leave the course or their browser—live agent identity verification, webcam monitoring and screening, and keystroke biometric authentication are built right into their experience.”

LearnerVerified president Greg Kureluk will be presenting the new software to participants at DevLearn 2017. You can catch his presentation, “Learner Fraud: The Dark Side of Online Learning,” October 25 at 12:15 PM on the Emerging Tech stage. In his presentation, he’ll discuss learner fraud, when learners take credit for completing a course or credential online that they have not earned. Kureluk will unpack the risks that learner fraud presents, particularly for high-stakes and regulated industries such as finance, insurance, real estate, health, and safety. He’ll end with a discussion on how technology can help make online learning more defensible and secure. “Together,” he says, “we can help bring the security and certainty of in-person learning to the virtual classroom. Organizations need no longer risk negligence, lawsuits, or ruined lives when upgrading workplace learning to online, and training providers can be assured that they are only issuing certificates that have been truly earned.”

The LearnerVerified team will also be running live demos every 30 minutes on the exhibition floor. You can find them at Booth 408, or check out to learn more.