BALTIMORE, MD—Yet Analytics has announced the launch of a new product built to help the designers of learning experiences merge existing data sets with high-resolution learning activity data. The product—called Yet Adapter—provides an intuitive visual approach to transforming existing data into data compatible with the state-of-the-art xAPI learning data specification.

xAPI—formally known as the Experience API—is a data interoperability specification purpose-built for learning and performance data. A learning record store is a datastore designed to store xAPI data. Developed by the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative at the United States Department of Defense, xAPI has quickly become the go-to means of exchanging learning and training data in enterprise settings.

While xAPI has proliferated across organizations, many learning professionals have struggled with what has been perceived as a steep learning curve.

“Our goal was to take the mystery out of xAPI and make it easy to use every day,” said Yet Analytics CEO Shelly Blake-Plock. “The Yet Adapter was born out of hundreds of conversations with learning professionals who needed a new kind of product in order to tap into the power of xAPI in their daily work. So we built it to be as intuitive as possible and as a standalone product that can be used with any learning record store.”

The Yet Adapter allows non-technical users an easy way to upload spreadsheet data and to transform it into xAPI data that can be sent to any learning record store. Featuring a drag-and-drop interface, live previews of data transformations, and real-time xAPI statement validation, the Yet Adapter drastically decreases the barrier to entry for learning professionals who are just getting started with xAPI.

Unlike existing data converters, the Yet Adapter does not require the user to use a CSV template and does not mandate which learning record store is used to store the xAPI data.

“No purchase is required for basic xAPI statement conversion, and the xAPI statements can be sent to any learning record store,” said Blake-Plock. “The Yet Adapter was built to encourage the open exchange of high-resolution data between any platform.”

The Yet Adapter will be made available in beta to all attendees of DevLearn 2017.

About Yet Analytics

Bringing new technologies to market in the human capital space, Yet Analytics builds products that revolutionize learning and talent development. Yet’s suite of technologies includes the world’s most visual learning record store, used by organizations to measure the health of their learning and development initiatives. Customers use Yet’s technology to see the impact of learning investment, evaluate the effectiveness of learning resources, and define the enterprise experience graph.