Mindmarker, a leader in training reinforcement, continues to release innovative learning technology solutions for both managers and learners.

Over the last 10 years, Mindmarker has cultivated a proven methodology and fine-tuned its best practices to create an algorithm behind its reinforcement program designs. By calculating the number of objectives and the duration of a program, the algorithm produces a reinforcement program blueprint.

The combination of these two elements creates a unique blueprint that contains placeholder Mindmarkers that can be adjusted, edited, copied, or customized to help organizations design and build a powerful program.

Because a reinforcement program includes two critical elements—the program design and the program build—Mindmarker has created a new gridview, which allows program designers to see exactly when the Mindmarker reinforcement messages are sent as well as the corresponding objective tied to each message.

The gridview not only provides an excellent visual of the program design and intensity, but it also offers an easy way to edit the program timeline and overall structure.

Mindmarker continues to find new and innovative ways to increase learner engagement. Personal development is a continuous process, unique to each individual, which is why Mindmarker’s mobile application provides a learning journey that is personalized and adaptive to each learner.

With training reinforcement, the focus shifts away from the model of knowing how to do something and toward a more sophisticated model of application and mastery. By sending a series of perfectly balanced push and pull messages, which are strategically designed, optimized, scheduled, and measured, Mindmarker training reinforcement helps learners change behaviors and apply new knowledge and skills on the job. In fact, Mindmarker has proven to increase long-term behavior change results by 300 percent.

“Our focus is always on the learner and how he or she can best learn to change their behaviors and create impact in the organization,” said Kees Wurth, Mindmarker CEO. “Our newly designed application reflects over 10 years of experience and data on how learners achieve results. New adaptive learning paths and mini assessments create individualized learning, which leads to high engagement and results for our clients and partners. ”

Mindmarker’s cloud-based platform not only reflects the highest software security standards available, but it also includes over 20 languages, automatically adjusted based on the user’s phone preferences.

Mindmarker’s single sign-on feature makes it easy to log in once so that learners can switch back and forth between their smartphone, tablet, or desktop depending on what’s most convenient.

With mobile, iPad, and desktop applications that are customizable to each organization’s brand, Mindmarker’s learning tool is built to provide learners with the best user experience possible. Additional features include LMS integration, localization, microlearning, adaptive learning paths, assessments, leaderboard gamification, and external/internal library integration.

About Mindmarker

Founded in 2006, Mindmarker has created and deployed customized reinforcement solutions for hundreds of clients and partners worldwide. With offices in Europe and the United States, Mindmarker continues to innovate its cloud-based reinforcement solution to help companies create business impact and improve training results. Visit Mindmarker.com to learn more.