Enrolo, the world’s newest eLearning platform, is being launched at DevLearn 2017, and the founders are seeking to meet resellers and product and service partners. Make sure you say “g’day” when you swing by Booth 916 (next to the eLearning Tools Stage) with your DevLearn Passport.

Enrolo is a hosted platform that has everything required to start delivering training in 30 minutes. Enrolo’s simple 12-step process demystifies the complexity of placing eLearning in the hands of learners and training providers alike. http://enrolo.com/features/

Enrolo is the world’s first accredited carbon-neutral online learning environment, and the founders of Enrolo believe that eLearning can make a significant global impact on reducing carbon emissions by taking students out of classrooms and off the roads and public transport systems. http://enrolo.com/about-us/

Enrolo’s office runs on 100 percent wind and solar power, and all of its other carbon emissions are offset by investment into biodiversity projects. Enrolo also support ethical superannuation, fossil fuel–free banking, and innovative community projects such as the Great Forest National Park that, among other environmental benefits, proposes to return about $37 million (US) in carbon credits to the community each year.

We often hear from eLearning product or service providers that have a segment of their potential client base they cannot sell to because those potential clients don’t have a fully operational eLearning solution in place. Enrolo is a customizable platform that these product or service providers can brand as their own; they can sell their product as a complete solution and make Enrolo commissions at the same time.

Enrolo is primarily built for smartphones and tablets but also works on Macs and PCs. Enrolo works seamlessly with third-party authoring tools, such as Articulate Storyline 360.

Enrolo’s real point of difference for dedicated training institutions is its built-in online integrity features for validating identification and detecting cheating.

Enrolo also offers sophisticated augmented assessment technology, such as free text and video assessment, which is essential for effective learning outcomes. These features are complemented by sophisticated and semi-automated trainer administration tools that reduce the costs of achieving real learning outcomes.

The founders from Enrolo are attending DevLearn 2017 seeking partnerships and resellers with access to three target markets: small business/corporate training, dedicated training organizations, and small businesses with bespoke non-accredited training.

Enrolo already has over 250,000 users and boasts some of the most innovative training providers, including: Business Mamas, a 100 percent online diploma of business for mothers, who have to build an online business to pass the course; Aged Care Training Services, which offers online training in aging support, leisure, and health; and Arrow Training Services, which, through the use of mobile phone video assessment, offers 100 percent online, government-accredited training in responsible service of alcohol.

The Enrolo team will be demonstrating Arrow Training’s interactive video assessment for the refusal of service to intoxicated patrons using Enrolo’s video assessment tools during DemoFest at DevLearn 2017. DemoFest is October 26, 4:00p – 6:00p.