Prosell Learning, an international performance improvement consultancy, recently launched On.Board, its digital onboarding solution. Prosell has successfully shown that new hires improve their learning when they are asked to produce evidence of application using their smart device (e.g., photos or video) and share it with their manager for direct feedback and coaching.

“When a new hire begins their learning journey, it often falls on their line manager to support them in their first few months,” says Guy Sellwood, VP Americas at Prosell Learning. “And all too often, the manager is stacked with other responsibilities, and the needs of their new hire can often slip down their to-do list.

“Our web app, On.Board, uses mobile phone features, which enable the new hires to produce evidence of their learning in the workplace, to create an experiential learning experience. For example, an engineer could take an image of their connected cable and send it to their manager, and their manager can then do a face-to-face session via FaceTime or Skype to provide coaching.”

On.Board connects new hires with the people best suited to developing them. This could be a line manager, mentor, or trainer. The new hire completes a set curriculum of activities that are tracked and reviewed by their manager for direct feedback via comments or face-to face sessions. This ensures that the new hire feels connected and supported by the people who matter most.

Prosell’s solution not only pushes learning content but also encourages application of learning and feedback in the workplace. On.Board shifts the new-hire experience from one of passive consumption to active participation while simultaneously making the manager’s role more time-efficient and impactful. This solution has delivered better performance, earlier, while reducing attrition.

If you would like to find out more, Sellwood will be leading two sessions at the upcoming FocusOn Learning 2017 Conference & Expo, June 20 – 22 in San Diego, California: Using Mobile to Take the Classroom to the Field (June 20 at 2:30 PM) and Using Mobile Tech to Help Managers Engage with New Hires Effectively (June 21 at noon). You can also find Prosell in the FocusOn Learning Expo at Booth 314.

About Prosell Learning

Prosell Learning is an international performance improvement consultancy established in 1985 with a US office in Clearwater, Florida. Prosell works with a diverse range of large corporate clients to enhance and refine the performance of sales and customer service teams through a combination of traditional classroom, coaching, and technology-based development initiatives. With over 200 trainers worldwide, Prosell delivers tailored performance programs in a variety of languages to create a lasting impact.

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