Focus EduVation is happy to announce a reimagining of its course design service. The company has long prided itself on its prescriptive approach for different institutions, saying, “Let us know where you are at, and we will meet you there.” With today’s online pedagogy and learning techniques, this approach, although effective, doesn’t always allow for full realization of today’s best practices. With this in mind, Focus EduVation has added a subscription approach. For projects looking to take advantage of the latest in course design, this is often the only way to go.

First of all, what does “the latest in course design” mean? These are personalized, adaptive courses that use gamification where appropriate. To build better courses, you need to have more comprehensive communication and cooperation among those who are creating the course. Most faculty use the content as a starting point and build the experience around that; but for the best results with new online designs, the students’ experience needs to be the center of the design process. As this is a paradigm shift, Focus EduVation has created an alternative service model, a subscriptive one.

So how is a subscription service model different from a prescriptive service model? Often, institutions will partner with Focus EduVation to build more courses than they could build using only internal resources. In these situations, the company’s goal is usually to match the client’s internal approach, templates, and timelines as closely as possible while adding enhancements that institutions can’t create on their own. This model has served Focus EduVation well, but it isn’t the best approach for adaptive and personalized content. Different design calls for a different approach.

In the subscription course creation model, Focus EduVation still takes into account the bandwidth of the client’s facility and administration, but the company directs them and guides the process closely, expanding the preproduction phase to include student-centered design concepts. With a subscriptive design service, Focus EduVation uses design thinking techniques to get the most out of your faculty or subject matter experts. This method is more comprehensive, but the outcomes are worth the effort.

Adaptivity, personalization, and gamification require the subscription service model to be fully utilized. This process helps Focus EduVation identify the pain points, limitations, and abilities of your student body. Once that part of the preproduction phase is complete, Focus EduVation can turn to finding the approach to those issues and how to best capitalize on their strengths. This process leads to a course flow document that spells out what the student experience will look like. Only then is content added in. Because this stage is delayed, the content is driven by the students’ needs, as opposed to the students’ experience being driven by the content. This approach takes a guide, one who subscribes the path that is taken. This is the new service model Focus EduVation now offers in addition to those the company has used in the past.

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