TechSmith Corp., an industry leader for emerging digital technology, is introducing the latest version of Camtasia, its powerful video creation platform that is intuitive and easy to use. The latest version, Camtasia 9 for Windows and Camtasia 3 for Mac, offers simplified workflow enhancements and eliminates the need to use more advanced programs among a variety of editing programs available today. Further, Camtasia’s new features enable a more streamlined process of content creation and the ability to produce an engaging viewer experience.

Specifically, Camtasia’s new features include:

  • Behaviors, which allow you to apply stunning animations to your text, images, or icons
  • New assets such as animated backgrounds, icons, and music tracks that grab attention
  • Motion graphics, including lower thirds and intro slides to help your content look great
  • 64-bit platform, allowing Camtasia to leverage your computer’s processor for faster rendering and improved stability, even on your most complex projects
  • Cross-platform collaboration through a common project file that lets you work on a video project on both Mac and Windows
  • Updated, modern look and feel

“Business leaders understand that video is quickly becoming a crucial tool in communication, both internally and externally; however, many still think outsourcing video creation is the only way to get the content you need,” said Wendy Hamilton, CEO of TechSmith. “With Camtasia, it’s so simple to create remarkable content, anyone in your organization can use it without having to be a video professional.”

Camtasia proves to be a beneficial tool for professionals in various industries. For instance, corporate trainers are faced with the challenge of doing more with less—specifically, creating informative content without taking up precious time. Further, they have the important task of ensuring that employees are well informed about company processes, strategies, and tools. Often perceived as boring, training instructions can be easily ignored or discarded altogether. With customizable animations, templates, and audio tracks, Camtasia gives trainers the ability to create videos that successfully inform and engage employees.

Similarly, higher education professionals are able to increase their online, blended, or flipped teaching offerings by using a platform like Camtasia to create instructional videos that supplement existing in-class lecture content. With features such as quizzing, commenting, and captioning now available on both Windows and Mac platforms, Camtasia makes it even easier for instructors to create and share substantive content with students. And with 86 percent of colleges and universities having a presence on YouTube, Camtasia is the perfect tool to stay competitive and relevant in their online footprint.

With video becoming a must-have in organizations, the use cases of Camtasia are endless. From corporate training, technical communication, and employee onboarding to sales enablement, marketing, and general communication, Camtasia makes it easy and affordable for everyone to do more with less.

Available today, the latest version of Camtasia costs $199 for Windows or Mac and can be downloaded here. Existing Camtasia customers can also upgrade to the latest version for $99.50 by visiting TechSmith’s online store

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