The challenges of offline learning, tracking, and updating are familiar to teams looking to deploy learning to devices on a global scale. Multi-device eLearning authoring tool vendor gomo learning is leading the way with product innovation, helping global businesses overcome those challenges of connectivity and offline learning with an all-new native app capability.

Connectivity, which gomo has recognized as an “Achilles’ heel” for mobile and multi-device learning, is no longer an issue for organizations with the gomo central app. Not only does it provide offline access to content, it crucially provides full tracking—even when users are disconnected, something that has rarely been possible with eLearning authoring tools. This means that organizations can track user activity and scores, even when users are mobile and disconnected. Providing a means of offline learning is an important step for organizations looking to fully support global learners, allowing training to be deployed flexibly for consumption without a Wi-Fi or 4G connection.

According to Mike Alcock, gomo managing director, “Offline learning has been a particular focus for us because not everyone is in an office with a Wi-Fi connection all day. It seems a shame to create great learning that requires learners to stay indoors in order to use it—a situation that a mobile workforce cannot guarantee.”

Alcock continues, “We know that the world is only getting smaller and that staff globally expect to access learning on a personal device whenever they may need it. That’s why we created the gomo central app. It’s important that regardless of whether learners are working on a construction site or at a customer’s home, they have support and training they need.”

The gomo central app is the latest addition to the gomo learning suite, a complete eLearning solution that allows teams to create, distribute, and analyze multi-device eLearning flexibly and efficiently with one tool.

Visitors to FocusOn Learning 2016 will be able to witness the new capability firsthand by attending the regular demos at booth 200. gomo managing director Mike Alcock will also be showcasing the app during his speaker session, The Future of Offline Learning—Where Are We Heading?, on Wednesday, June 8 at 12:00 PM on the Strategic Solutions stage.

About gomo learning

gomo’s outstanding pedigree comes from its LEO roots, where it started life in Epic (now LEO) as one of the world’s first cloud-based HTML5 eLearning authoring tools in 2010. gomo was designed specifically to allow for best-practice learning design, allowing us to create a robust authoring tool grounded in learning theory. Learn more at