Continuing this week’s theme of preparing for the challenges to expect in 2016 and beyond, here are two excellent resources filled with practical advice for learning and development professionals.

Online Events Archive. The Future of Learning: Where Should We Focus This Year? Nick Floro. (Handout, session recording). The needs of today’s organizations—and the organizations of tomorrow—are changing, but our industry’s existing practices are falling behind the rapidly changing workplace. We need to take an in-depth look at the tools, design, and technology trends we should be focusing on to evolve our learning and performance content and ecosystems for the future.

This “Best of Webinars” program examined the top five trends affecting the learning and performance industry, and provided the basics for a plan to get started in your process of evolving. The presentation offers practical examples that will inspire you, your team, and your learners; learn about resources and links to get you started; and examine what the trends mean to you and your organization. You’ll get dozens of ideas to reboot your brain with fresh perspectives on how to enhance your learning and engage your audiences.

Publications Library. Engagement That Works: Tips from Learning Solutions Thought Leaders. Various speakers from eLearning Guild conferences. (PDF). This book contains solid best practices and fresh advice that can change how you think about eLearning. From simple adjustments like changing statements presented to learners, to questions that challenge them to participate, to the danger of overwhelming learners with eye candy, these tips will help your eLearning make an impact.

Want more?

These topics and many more will be addressed at The eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2016 “Sharing What Works” and at Ecosystem 2016 “Elevating Your Perspective,” March 16-18, 2016 in Orlando. Good news: both conferences are included in the registration! Even better news: register by January 29, 2016 and receive a $100 discount. Additional discounts may be available to you, depending on membership, organization, and group!