The use of social technology as part of organizational learning strategy is a popular topic with readers of Learning Solutions Magazine. Here are three session recordings from the November 2015 Online Forum on using social technology.

Online Events Archive: We Don’t Own Social in the Workplace… and We Never Will. JD Dillon. Handout, session recording. Social technology is ubiquitous in everyday life. Meanwhile, many organizations remain hindered in their attempts to leverage social tools to improve the employee experience in the workplace. Many times, L&D teams try to lead the charge under the guise of social learning but are often unable to achieve meaningful levels of user engagement. We’re tired, disappointed, and frustrated because we know it’s a good idea, but we can’t figure out why it’s not working. If people have become so comfortable engaging with one another online outside the office, why can’t we get them to exhibit the same behaviors inside the office? This session explored the cultural foundation of the evolving social workplace using practical examples. Learn about the employee and organizational behaviors necessary to facilitate meaningful, relevant, and continued collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Online Events Archive: Connected: Research-based Principles for Enriching Social Learning. Catherine Lombardozzi. Handout, session recording. Many organizations have experienced challenges with building online communities and enabling peer-to-peer learning through a variety of social tools. Learning professionals often don’t understand why social learning takes off among one group of learners but doesn’t seem to work well with others. The benefits of social learning supported by online tools can be frustratingly elusive. Explore the insights researchers studying social learning provide us with that can inform your learning strategy. Learn what draws people into relationships that promote learning and examine the various dynamics of social-learning processes.

Online Events Archive: Developing Your Social Learning Playbook. Ben Betts. Handout, session recording. The importance of social factors in learning is well established. But knowing how to best influence and impact these factors remains something of a mystery to most organizations. A number of thought-leaders have suggested you can’t do much of anything to impact social learning in the workplace. They are wrong. You can design social learning opportunities and measure their impact. Drawing on research, and from our experiences of working with some of the leading organizations in the world, we’ve developed our own social-learning playbook. Now we invite you to develop your own, based on the framework we provide.

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