Online Events Archive: Navigating the Estimation Maze of eLearning Projects. Danielle Watkins. Handout, recording (1:11:58). This resource will show you how to take a systematic, reliable, and repeatable approach to time and cost estimations for eLearning projects. This estimation tool is based on years of eLearning project experience. You can make more accurate estimates for all your eLearning projects and more reliably meet the expectations you set with your manager or client.

Online Events Archive: Best of DevLearn DemoFest 2015. Multiple presenters. Recording (1:26:33). Each year at DevLearn, dozens of conference participants share their latest and greatest projects at DevLearn DemoFest, the industry showcase of technology innovations for learning and performance. DemoFest offers DevLearn attendees the opportunity to see a wide variety of projects that provide solutions to common learning and performance challenges, and to learn about the tools, technologies, and processes that members of The eLearning Guild community used to build these projects. In this recording, you will meet several of this year’s DevLearn DemoFest winners, and see short demos of their award-winning projects.

Conference Archive: Keynote: Curiosity, Discovery, and Learning. Adam Savage. Video (1:10:25). MythBusters’ Adam Savage is a passionate learner who is constantly finding new ways to examine both the known and the unknown. In this thought-provoking keynote, Adam explored the need to ask questions in order to discover and find meaning, as well as the important roles questions, storytelling, and curiosity play in learning. He offers thrilling examples of how simple curiosity can change not just how we look at learning, but also the way we think about the world.

Online Events Archive: The Emerging Roles of the 21st-century Learning Professional. Connie Malamed. Handout, MP4 recording (including slides) (0:59:17). Examine the effects that new technologies, collaboration, B.Y.O.D., and social media will have on the learning and performance field. Explore how we must change our roles to meet the demands of the 21st-century workforce. You’ll learn what you can expect in the future and how to prepare for our changing roles. Understand how to support the 21st-century workforce so your organization can stay ahead of the curve.

Online Events Archive: Virtual Learning Works! A Women-in-tech Case Study. Bianca McCann, Laura Whitaker. Handout, recording (1:15:00). The lack of gender diversity in technology-based organizations is a hot topic. Forward-thinking technology organizations are trying to attract, develop, and retain the best female talent. How can they increase the ranks of women in their workforces and in leadership positions? In this session you will learn about the successful intersection of women in technology and virtual learning through an in-depth look at SAP’s award-winning, mostly virtual, yearlong program aimed at boosting women in management: LEAP (Leadership Excellence Acceleration Program). Created with no budget, LEAP provides a robust formal and informal online curriculum plus sophisticated social learning. Bridging the theoretical and practical are virtual job shadowing, career planning, meetings with recruiters, bidirectional mentoring, and executive sponsorship. Discover how your organization can leverage virtual learning to “crack the code” on gender diversity, facilitate true career growth, build game-changing participant camaraderie, and generate measurable results.