At mLearnCon 2012, B. J. Fogg, director of Stanford University’s Behavior Design Lab, delivered the opening keynote, “Mobile Persuasion: Tiny Habits for Big Results.” This presentation helped participants understand Dr. Fogg’s research into the human elements of learning and habit formation.

You can read more about the keynote in the recap of the conference. However, following his address, Karen Hyder and Mike Sloat interviewed Dr. Fogg about some of the details of the tiny habits methodology, which (as of this writing) has not yet been published.



Specifically, Karen and Mike asked Dr. Fogg about the following five points:

  • What is the “tiny habits” concept?
  • How can we use this concept in eLearning?
  • What are your tips for mapping out behaviors for “tiny habits”?
  • Explain the concept of “crispy.”
  • How does motivation affect use of “tiny habits”?

This interview is well worth 10 minutes of your time!