The eLearning Guild has released its 2012 research report on the numerous benefits of leveraging a more social approach to learning. This report, by social learning thought-leader Ben Betts, updates the information in the Guild’s 2011 report on social media for learning. Social Learning: Answers to Eight Crucial Questions is available free of charge to eLearning Guild paid members.

Social Learning: Answers to Eight Crucial Questions discusses the advantages of social learning approaches, the biggest areas for concern, and tactics to mitigate or manage risk as and when it occurs. Since one of the biggest risks of social approaches is the potential for initiatives to fall short in terms of participation, the report also identifies methods to gain participation and to generate value from participants.

Social learning can, and should, contribute to organizational performance. The report identifies models that may help in the design of learning activities that will create value and that will also help to identify that value.

Instructional designers and learning technologists sometimes express concern over the future of their role in an increasingly “social” world. The report addresses these concerns and looks at the likely evolution of these occupations, from being creators of courses to becoming curators of resources and connections. This evolution, rather than eliminating opportunities, will expand their roles as enablers of learning.

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