Get a Glimpse into the Next Phase of Learning

Learning is always evolving, and new technologies and strategies are changing the ways we view learning, education, and training.

At the Future of Learning Summit, you will explore new spaces and be exposed to perspectives that have the potential to disrupt what learning professionals are doing today. Join us as we take a look at what’s on the horizon for learning.

Open Your Mind to the Possibilities of the Future

Individuals in the learning and strategy field will examine diverse areas and spaces that are potentially shaping and disrupting the future of learning. Over two days, the sessions will explore methodologies and strategies and seek to answer the big questions surrounding the future of learning.


Learning in the IoT World with Maciej Kranz
Explore how the Internet of Things is impacting jobs and roles in the workspace and creating new revenue opportunities and value propositions.

Organizing for the Future of Work: The Networked Organization with Rachel Happe
Examine the new era of organizing, in which individuals can determine how they contribute, distribute, and use value.

Mobility and Learning: Harnessing the Relentless Pace of Innovation with Robert Gadd
Explore how mobile is best suited to deliver training and support to workers today, and how to plan for tomorrow.

Discover Where Organizational Learning Is Headed

Leaders from inside and outside the learning field will explore a wide array of organizational and individual strategies and methods that impact how people learn and how they approach educating others. Attendees will leave with an understanding of how the world is evolving, and how that information can be applied to personal contexts.

Hillary Boucher
Director of Networks
TheCR Network

Nick Floro
Learning Architect & CEO
Sealworks Interactive Studios

Robert Gadd
OnPoint Digital

Jamie Good
Learning Technology Integrator
Digital Fluency Coach

Rachel Happe
Co-founder and Principal
The Community Roundtable

Charles Jennings

CEO, Duntroon Associates &
Co-founder 70:20:10 Institute

David Kelly
Executive Director
The eLearning Guild

Maciej Kranz
Vice President, Strategic Innovations Group

Koreen Pagano
Product Management Director

Marc Rosenberg
Marc Rosenberg and Associates

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