201 Communities and the Future of Learning

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Wednesday, February 15

As the pace of technology and communications has increased, traditional approaches to learning and development are insufficient to help employees keep up with both their domain expertise and their skills. Community approaches are increasingly used to supplement or replace more traditional training approaches, allowing individuals to access expertise in real time and on demand. 

In this session, Hillary Boucher will provide an overview of online communities and how they are intersecting and overlapping with L&D efforts, using examples and case studies from The Community Roundtable and its clients. She will cover how communities address learning needs and how to structure communities to be successful, based on her work with hundreds of organizations. 

Hillary Boucher

Director of Networks

TheCR Network

Hillary Boucher is the director of networks for TheCR Network, a private peer-learning roundtable for professionals working in the community industry. Hillary, who has a background in traditional community organizing, leads the community management team, whose main priority is making sure TheCR Network is a valuable, healthy, collaborative space for members to learn, connect, and succeed as community professionals.

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