Join us for a webinar on creating a blended learning safe driving program for young adults and teenagers, addressing the challenges of engagement, consistency, and accessibility. The award-winning Plan My Ride program features 7 eLearning modules, 3 360-degree interactive scenarios, and 4 microlearning booster modules, all built for its accessibility features and compliance with WCAG AA 2.2 and Section 508 standards. This program was designed with inclusivity in mind, ensuring accessibility for individuals with disabilities. Learn about Universal Design for Learning principles, clear navigation, and simple language to enhance accessibility. The program has won the 2023 LearnX Diamond Award for Best Accessibility and the 2024 Learning Excellence Award for Design, Content Creation, and Video. Results from pilot studies demonstrate the program's effectiveness, with participants showing increased knowledge and intentions to avoid risky driving behaviors. Don't miss this opportunity to discover how to create award-winning, engaging, interactive, and accessible training programs.