Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the field of instructional design, automating many routine tasks and opening up exciting new possibilities for personalized, adaptive learning experiences. But as AI takes on more of the heavy lifting, the role of the instructional designer is evolving. What skills and competencies will be most critical for IDs to thrive in an AI-powered world?

In this forward-thinking session, Michelle and Ellen will explore the emerging skills landscape for instructional designers in the age of AI. They will share insights into how AI is transforming ID roles and the new opportunities it presents for L&D professionals to expand their impact and value.

Attendees will discover:

  • How AI is automating and augmenting various aspects of instructional design
  • The new technical skills IDs need to leverage AI tools and platforms effectively
  • The rising importance of creativity, curiosity, and innovation in an AI-enhanced field
  • The critical role of interpersonal skills like collaboration, communication, and empathy

The session will also explore how AI is introducing new career paths, from AI learning specialists to learning experience architects. Attendees will gain inspiration and guidance to expand their career horizons and make the most of the opportunities presented by AI.