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Webinars - July 21, 2022

Daniel Klinger

Head of Training and Learning
OPKO Health, INC.

Whether you are starting with a clean slate or working at an organization that has many learning systems, set aside some time to hear from an efficient builder like Daniel Klinger. Daniel has worked at multiple large-scale healthcare organizations where he has created successful online L&D programs.

Currently Head of Training and Learning at OPKO Health Inc which has over 5,500 employees and specializes in complex healthcare delivery, Daniel has met the challenges of:

  • Developing a learning strategy
  • Gaining C-Level support
  • Setting up an LMS
  • Deploying to an active roadmap for L&D program success

Daniel will share details on these key components for building successful groups and programs when leveraging a learning experience platform and additional resources. The session will conclude with Daniel fielding insightful questions from Go1's William Uttah. William will probe for lessons learned during the stages of L&D program development and how Daniel continuously delivers value to employees.


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