Optimizing Hybrid Training: 6 Strategies for Delivering Flexible and Effective Learning

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Webinars - November 4, 2021

Dalnaz Hasan

Video Specialist

In this evolving era of the hybrid office, training managers are responsible for delivering flexible and effective programs that keep employees informed, involved, and invested -- whether in-person or remote.

Trainers are increasingly expected to balance in-person programs with digital resources like documents, emails, and video conferencing. Yet this approach can often result in communication gaps and fragmented experiences for both trainers and learners, resulting in loss of productivity and knowledge. How can you align your tools and processes to optimize your hybrid training programs?

We’ll investigate this growing issue for trainers and how you can strengthen your training initiatives and team communications. We’ll cover:

  • Training gaps in the hybrid workplace and why it’s essential to fill them
  • How to create flexible and impactful training in the hybrid age
  • 6 actionable steps to building a future-proof hybrid learning and development strategy


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