Drive a Accountable Collaborative Culture in a Virtual World

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Webinars - October 16, 2014

Cynthia Clay

NetSpeed Learning Solutions

Two of the enemies of productive teamwork are tension and conflict. Many employees have yet to develop the skills to navigate these tensions when they arise either face-to-face or in virtual teams. The result may be breakdowns in communication and productivity that, over time, diminish trusting relationships.

How can you increase the capacity of groups within your organization’s virtual teams to be accountable to each other and to their common goals? It starts by showing employees how to resolve conflict directly, contribute constructively, and build relational capital in every interaction.

Join us in this one-hour webinar to learn how to build accountability and collaboration in your organization. This webinar introduces the practical, proven methods contained in Peer Power: Transforming Workplace Relationships, by Cynthia Clay and Ray Olitt, applied to work in a virtual world.



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