How to Hire (or Be Hired) for Ever-Evolving L&D Roles

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August 22, 2019

The L&D landscape is rapidly changing, impacting both learning professionals and the managers who hire them. Although hiring managers might know what they are looking for in L&D today, anticipating future needs is considerably more complicated. At the same time, L&D professionals are discovering that they must continually update their skill sets in order to remain relevant in a world where emerging technologies are disrupting the status quo.

How to Hire (or Be Hired) for Ever-Evolving L&D Roles, a new white paper by Pamela S. Hogle, explores this new landscape and what it portends for learning professionals and hiring managers. She examines how workplaces are changing, noting how the rise of new technologies such as artificial intelligence is placing a premium on training for soft skills. She discusses how formal learning is giving way to more informal, on-demand models, and how traditional L&D jobs are shifting in response.

Download this paper and get insights into trends in workplace learning, hiring, and skills development.

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