The classroom is an entirely different environment and provides a different feel than eLearning, so how does one make the shift to eLearning and maintain the unique affordances of the classroom experience?

This eBook, Moving to eLearning: 283 Tips on Shifting Content and Experiences, provides tips from members of The eLearning Guild who’ve experienced the transition from the classroom to eLearning themselves, with a focus on moving content and experiences. This eBook is the second of a three-part series—part three will be released later this year; part one, Moving to eLearning: 154 Tips on Getting Started, was released earlier this year.

These tips include:

  • What’s critical when preparing to develop eLearning from face-to-face content
  • Adapting classroom content and experience
  • Mistakes to avoid when moving content to eLearning

Download your copy today and find advice on successfully moving content and experiences from the classroom into eLearning.