What Is Corporate Digital Learning?

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March 29, 2018

by Pamela Hogle

Corporate digital learning is not an approach to training employees. It is not a format for content delivery, nor is it a set of instructions for creating eLearning content. It is an openness to adapting corporate skills acquisition and performance support to the needs, goals, and behaviors of modern learners. It is a recognition that some of the ways we’ve “always done” corporate training may not work anymore—that they’re giving way to self-service problem-solving using digital tools. And it is a willingness to forge new approaches.

This white paper, What is Corporate Digital Learning?, by Pam Hogle, invites you to join the conversation around digital learning to explore what modern learner-consumers want, study what they do, and learn how to support them on their digital learning journeys.

Download this paper and discover how behavior is evolving and how our role, as learning and development professionals, must evolve in tandem!


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