Pre-Conference In-Depth Workshop

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Modern Blended Learning: Putting the Pieces Together

June 6 & 7 • 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM PT

One of the most exciting things about designing learning in this era is the varied portfolio of elements that can be pulled into a strategy. Yet that range of options also poses a long list of questions: What components should be included in a design? How will learners access all the pieces? How much freedom should people have in working their way through suggested materials and activities? What exactly does a modern blend look like? Having so many options can make it more difficult to design, not easier. And options can be confusing to learners, as well. The opportunity to craft engaging, impactful strategies is there, if we can just put the pieces together in a coherent fashion.

Rather than focus on one approach, this workshop will explore the range of options for structuring a blended learning design and give designers advice on selecting the right strategy for a particular project. We’ll overview approaches and showcase examples. Through a robust case study, you’ll have the opportunity to craft a blended design in multiple frameworks so you can clearly see advantages and differences among approaches.

The workshop will also fill in details regarding the process of blended design and how it differs from typical instructional design, including paying attention to crafting the overall learning experience. We’ll discuss the activities inherent in constructing a blend and the criteria for assessing the quality of your resulting design. Underlying all, we’ll discuss how effectively putting the pieces together relies on establishing clear goals, knowing your learners, following adult learning principles, and using familiar tools. You’ll leave this session with a deeper grasp of the considerations, options, and decision points for modern blended learning.

You will learn:

  • Multiple frameworks for structuring a blended learning program as distinguished from traditional approaches
  • Suggestions for adjusting the design process to accommodate the design activities needed for modern blended learning
  • Recommendations for ensuring the quality of a modern blended learning design
  • Guidance for transitioning to modern blended learning

Catherine Lombardozzi, Learning Strategy / Consultant and Founder, Learning 4 Learning Professionals (L4LP)

Catherine Lombardozzi

Catherine Lombardozzi is a lifelong learning and development practitioner and founder of Learning 4 Learning Professionals. Her work focuses on supporting the professional development of designers, facilitators, faculty, consultants, and learning leaders through coaching, consulting, workshops, and development programs. As an active workplace learning professional with nearly 35 years' experience, Catherine often contributes to professional conferences and journals, and she teaches graduate-level courses in adult learning, instructional design, e-collaboration and consulting. She is author of Learning Environments by Design. Catherine holds a doctoral degree in Human and Organizational Learning from George Washington University.

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