Although many organizations have embraced virtual online platforms as a viable strategy for facilitating training, we are still challenged with how to make these experiences dynamic and engaging. Most web-conferencing and virtual-classroom tools provide similar interactivity features, but leave much to be desired for learner engagement. What’s missing? Is it really possible to create dynamic face-to-face learning experiences in the virtual world, or are we stuck with poll and chat as the speaker narrates behind the scenes?

Using the timeless principles of adult learning and instructional design, participants in this session will go “back to the future” and explore how we can incorporate “old school” learning experiences to best leverage today’s trend towards virtual learning events. You’ll examine and come away from this session with tools and techniques for increasing learner engagement and retention, a virtual-event decision matrix, a comparison chart of today’s top virtual platforms, and best practices for implementing large-scale virtual events.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the trend towards virtual learning events
  • About tools and techniques, based on adult-learning principles, for increasing engagement at virtual events
  • How to integrate the best of web conferencing, social media, and other digital solutions into scalable, immersive learning experiences
  • Best practices for implementing a large-scale virtual conference or event
  • How to plan a virtual conference on a shoestring budget