Everywhere you look you’ll find beautiful and innovative visual design. We’re surrounded by it every day, whether we’re using an iPad or viewing television commercials. So why does eLearning so often lag behind in the world of design? As learning designers and developers, we need to move away from our old design methods. We need to adopt newer, more user-centric methods that are grounded in new psychology research and leverage best practices from other industries, such as marketing and advertising, that also rely heavily on visuals, interface, and interactivity to communicate key messages and engage users in making behavioral change.

Participants in this session will learn key best practices identified by leading design researchers. You’ll explore topics such as the psychology behind design, how colors impact learning, how people interact with user interfaces, design elements that foster or inhibit learning, and how all this melds with tried- and-true principles of instructional design. You will gain tools, techniques, and resources to help you harness the power of visual design to increase the effectiveness of your eLearning while saving your organization time and money.

In this session you will learn:

  • How you can apply the recent findings from psychology research to enhance the visual design of eLearning
  • Ten basic principles you can immediately apply to your visual, UX, and graphic design to enhance the learning experience
  • How these ten principles can save your organization time and money
  • How new methods of visual design meld with instructional-design best practices