Sakai is much more than a learning management system (LMS). Although Sakai is often labeled only as “the open-source LMS for higher education,” that is an incomplete description. Sakai does have the features you’ll find in most LMSs, but this system was designed from the ground up for collaborative and social learning. So is a Sakai implementation right for your organization?

Participants in this session will view a demonstration on using Sakai. You’ll see how to build a learning environment that incorporates standard LMS features such as course delivery, assessments, and administrations — in a rich collaborative setting. The subject matter for the demonstration will be leadership training, which often presents significant challenges for eLearning designers, so you’ll specifically see how to use Sakai to build and deliver a traditionally difficult training program in a highly collaborative environment.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What is a collaborative learning environment?
  • What is Sakai and how you can use it to build collaborative learning environments?
  • How to get started using Sakai
  • How to design a course using Sakai features and tools
  • How to incorporate collaboration and social learning into your Sakai-based curriculum