Learning once lived primarily within the confines of physical classrooms. Students were given books, lessons, and lectures that followed rigidly defined learning-distribution channels. Information was kept in infrequently updated lesson plans and textbooks. Timely information was generally delivered by word of mouth, outside the classroom. Today, cloud-based learning applications (CLAs) can bridge the boundaries between physical classrooms, the cloud, and informal learning. But how do you get started with CLAs?

Participants in this session will examine the several types of cloud services and deployment models to consider when adding CLAs to an organizational learning strategy. You’ll learn how to set up and use web applications that are available today for the classroom, and you’ll see how service costs and risks can make or break a CLA solution. Finally, you’ll review successful CLA implementations that can inspire you to deploy CLAs in your own organization or learning strategy.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the types of cloud service models
  • The differences among CLA deployment models
  • The basic concepts of CLAs
  • How to compare the cost differences among CLAs
  • About the risks associated with CLAs