As eLearning designers, how do we ensure that learning goals are met and objectives become outcomes through our courses? Subject-matter experts (SMEs) want extraneous material, learners want engagement, and we have best practices. If we’re not careful, we create a Frankenstein: eLearning that’s functional and fulfills wants, but is ineffective at meeting goals and producing desired outcomes.

Participants in this session will explore course mapping: aligning objectives, content, and assessments to ensure that the main purpose of an eLearning course remains the main purpose, and that we measure the appropriate outcomes. You’ll see ways to help SMEs recognize the main purpose and to help them keep that purpose in focus. This focus on the main purpose also provides eLearning designers with a simple pushback methodology. Finally, you’ll be equipped with a template for mapping your courses and, if your courses fit into an overall curriculum, for aligning courses into that curriculum.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to use course mapping to align eLearning courses to goals and desired outcomes
  • How to help SMEs focus on the main purpose of a course
  • How focusing on the main purpose of a course guides your instructional design
  • How to quickly recognize alignment problems in existing courses and make prescriptive recommendations for alignment