During this Online Forum, you have considered many factors relevant to learner engagement: reluctant learners, learner preferences, cognitive challenge, active reflection, scenario-based simulations, less content, synchronous eLearning, online learning communities, and instructional game design. Have we spent enough time ensuring we have what we believe are the right strategies and technologies to put these ideas into place? But what will be the next trend? Social Business maybe? Or is the next trend a step further towards creating the correct content and letting the technology take care of itself? Is the trend to let the learner decide the technology they want to use?

Participants in this session will explore the concept of creating engaging content by looking at how learners get engaged. You’ll consider whether you should create attractive learning and allow the engagement to happen in whatever way the learner wants. You’ll also examine how eLearning professional can facilitate delivering content using the technology of learners’ choice rather than our own choice.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The difference between engagement and attraction
  • What constitutes attractive to learners
  • How to decide if a software will meet learners’ needs (a three stage plan)
  • How to recognize the future trend when it arrives so you can stay ahead of your learners
  • How you can consider technology to drive learner engagement while allowing learners to decide how they will interact with your content