Many organizations are eager to use mobile learning (mLearning) to supplement and enhance their existing training and learning programs, but they lack the expertise to design content for the small screen. Having the strategy, technology, and infrastructure to implement mLearning is not enough — we must design the content appropriately. Content and graphic design for a large screen will not translate to smaller screens; we need to rethink our designs specifically for the small screen and the mobile use case.      

Participants in this session will learn how to successfully design learning content for small screens. You’ll take a close look at the characteristics and constraints of mobile screens, and learn principles, approaches, tips, and techniques for creating highly effective mLearning content.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The elements of small-screen design
  • How to design effective graphics for the small screen
  • How to simplify content for mLearning
  • How to design for short time frames
  • How to repurpose existing content for mLearning
  • How to use videos effectively for mLearning
  • How to avoid common mistakes in mLearning design