How to Engage Learners in the eLearning Experience

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Online Forums 2011 - June 2, 2011
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Gerry Wasiluk

Learning Solutions Manager, HR Talent Solutions
3M Corporation

What is "engaging eLearning" for adult learners? Is creating engaging eLearning content really possible? If it is possible, what can eLearning designers and developers do to make their courses more engaging, inviting, and, more importantly, memorable to a wide variety of adult learners to help those learners grow themselves and their organizations?

Participants in this session will join a high-level community discussion about engaging eLearning. You’ll see how other eLearning professionals — those actively developing courses “in the trenches” — view this topic and how definitions and traits of engaging eLearning vary widely.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About engaging eLearning and the adult mind
  • About the learner’s culture and the role culture plays in learning
  • About barriers to engagement
  • About the rise of SME developers and rapid-development tools
  • Techniques and attitudes to increase the likelihood of learner engagement


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