How can eLearning professionals leverage new technology for our benefit and the benefit of our learners? How can we use new technology such as digital video and 3D visualization to energize our eLearning programs and keep learner interest? How do we handle the higher bandwidth required by media-rich eLearning programs, and the influx of mobile learners that want to access these programs in new ways?

Participants in this session will explore the benefits of bringing video and 3D visualization to eLearning courses. You’ll see examples of why video engages learners and drives knowledge transfer. You’ll look at the technology that is taking our learners mobile, see how mobile technology can best be leveraged for learning, and discuss what the future of mobile learning looks like. Finally, you’ll discuss and engage in “iPad mania” as you view techniques for learning on tablet devices with video and 3D visualization and for creating a presentation with an app.

In this session you will learn:


  • How to enhance eLearning with video and 3D visualization, and about the learning value of these technologies
  • How video and 3D visualization are being used for mobile devices, and these technologies’ benefits and disadvantages
  • How the latest technology of iPad apps relates to sales presentations
  • Where mobile learning is and isn't, and where mobile learning is taking us