Adding audio narration to an eLearning course can greatly improve the course's quality. Audio provides another way for learners to acquire information and adds an additional element of interest to the course. In theory, audio provides another channel for learners to store information. Research suggests that the spoken word, in addition to onscreen text and visual elements, can provide significant learning gains. A narrative also helps a course to flow and, if done correctly, can be as natural as speaking. The learning curve for proper audio recording is short and is something anyone can tackle. For companies that don't have the budget to hire professional narrators, recording in-house using employees creates a viable and effective solution.

Participants in this session will learn the "how to's" of in-house recording. You'll get tips for drafting an audio script, selecting the best location to record, choosing the right microphone for the job, recording clear voiceover files, selecting tools and technologies, and saving time and money.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to write a great audio script
  • How to find your talent
  • How to choose the best recording location
  • How to select the right microphone
  • How to create clear, effective audio files
  • About budget-friendly tools and technologies for creating and editing audio files