From audio podcasts and instructional videos to infographics and presentation slides, rich-media formats are becoming the preferred method of consumption. But organizations seem to be slow to embrace this concept. In 2010, IBM's Center for Advanced Learning (CAL) worked with client-facing representatives to enable them with a mobile application that showcases IBM success stories. They used a short 60-second mailcast video to promote the new app.

This case-study session shows three ways you can implement rich media to enhance mobile learning. Each method happens at various stages of the learning intervention, giving you multiple approaches for applying these techniques in your organization. You'll learn the enablement process for informing mobile users. CAL also deployed mastery modeling videos for managers to consume while on-the-go. These short videos aid managers in finding effective ways to provide employees with feedback and to have difficult conversations with subordinates. Lastly, CAL created a mobile application that surfaces informal, crowdsourced learning material appropriate for mobile devices, from a technical and educational perspective. You’ll see each of these rich-media implementations.

In this session, you will learn:


  • How you can use rich media to enhance mobile learning
  • Multiple uses that rich media can take on mobile devices
  • How informal and social learning blends well with mobile rich media
  • What other mobile learning initiatives are at IBM