Many eLearning professionals shy away from creating scenario-based activities because they think the programming aspect is beyond their reach. But it is possible to use simple tools that support basic interactions to create engaging eLearning activities and assessments that go beyond knowledge recall and test learners on true job knowledge instead of on test-taking abilities.     

Participants in this session will learn how to use affordable and readily available tools to create engaging and challenging activities for learners. The goal of this session is not to focus on specific tools and features, but on the content, scenario, and storyline of activities that will keep learners engaged. With this goal in mind, you’ll learn how to rewrite “recall”-style questions into scenario-based questions without changing the questions’ core formats (for example, multiple-choice). You’ll see actual examples using a variety of tools such as Articulate Quizmaker and PowerPoint, learn about a number of interaction types available in standard tools, explore examples using various interaction types to improve engagement, and brainstorm with your peers to identify new interaction options.

In this session, you will learn:

  • New ways to use simple question formats   
  • How to tweak out-of-the-box technology to create more engaging eLearning
  • How to rewrite “recall”-style activities as scenario-based activities
  • How to apply these techniques to many types of training, such as soft skills, systems, and product training